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Meet the Team

Here at Michelle's Canine Care we strive to provide the best care for your dog, whether that is walking your dog, training them, or solving their behavioural problems.

We provide ethically focused care. This means we take into consideration your pets emotional needs above anything else. Reward based training is the kindest and most effective way of achieving the results you need.

Dogs need autonomy over their surroundings, and feelings of safety and security. This is at the forefront of all of our interactions with your dog.

Our Services



(Owned by Keano)


​Just got to say a massive thank you to Michelle. She has been walking/training my boy Keano for over a month now & he absolutely loves it. I get regular updates, videos, photos & can see how happy he is. It puts my mind at ease knowing Keano is in capable hands, getting lots of exercise & socialising with all his new doggy pals. Highly recommend MCC to any dog lovers xxx



(Owned by Freya)


I have used Michelle's services for puppy training, dog walking and today Freya went out on her first 2 hour mid week mooch. I signed her up for the walk as being half whippet she has bags of energy and decided to let her try this adventure 🥰.

I came home to one exhausted dog. From the fantastic video Michelle posted of the mooch she really enjoyed it and it certainly did the trick. She has hardly moved all night 🤣

I will definitely be booking Freya on mid week mooch next week and would highly recommend booking the Mooches. You can see how much fun the dogs have and love being out with Michelle.
I have one very happy dog.
Thank you Michelle 😁

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