Hi my name is Michelle, and I'm a dogaholic!!


After working so many years in various canine professions, I kept seeing dog owners suffering from the same problems over and over, and so with my very own unique vision... Michelle's Canine Care was born!

I take my role as your dog walker and dog trainer very seriously! It's the reason I have spent so much time training up and gaining the qualifications and experience necessary to be the best in my area.

The qualifications I have acquired over the years are listed below, as well as some extras that I feel are vital to have when working with dogs...

- BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care (North Trafford College)

- BSc Hons in Animal Behaviour (Anglia Ruskin University)

- City & Guilds in Work-Related Animal Management (Manchester Dogs Home)

- NOCN Certificate in The Practical Aspects of Teaching People and Training Dogs (WaggaWuffins Canine College)

- International Dog Parkour Association - Instructor Certification

- Trick Trainer UK - Instructor Certification

- Health and Safety at Work Certificate

- Human First Aid Certificate

- Canine First Aid Certificate 

Practical and Professional experience includes...

- Manchester Dogs Home - 4 Years

- Dog-E-Dayz Daycare - 2 Years

- Licks N Clicks Dog Walking and Training Services - 1 Year

What "Meet Me" page would be complete without a picture of my very own beasties??

Cooper is my American Bulldog, my project dog, he very much keeps me on my toes and is deemed by society as "reactive".

I personally like to describe him as sensitive... hes a sensitive soul who gets a little anxious when in new environments and new experiences and is learning to deal with those emotions in a more appropriate way...

REST IN PEACE MY GORGEOUS BOY 02.05.2014-04.12.2019

Bailie is my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, my soul dog. He is my boy, my baby, my other half... From being a puppy to his almost 11 year old self, I've never spent more than 10 days away from him! He's just perfect, but then, we all say that don't we? 

REST IN PEACE MY BEAUTIFUL BOY 23.10.2008-12.10.2019

You may have noticed that my boys were the inspiration behind my logo too....

Ryder is the youngest member of the family! She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is currently 14 months old! She is the whirlwind of the house, very active and extremely affectionate, she fits perfectly into our lives. Ryder is working through her Training Level Dog Parkour at the moment and accompanies me on most trips when I'm out. She excels at reading other dogs and interacting accordingly.

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