I grew up on a council estate in the suburbs of Manchester, Failsworth to be exact! It was the 80’s/90’s and stray dogs were a common sight.

Despite having my own family rottweilers at home, I could be found playing with, training or walking the neighbourhood dogs, namely Benji, a scruffy brown spitzy type that lived just around the corner.


He would get turfed out in the morning by his owner, and we would go on adventures together, he was never on lead, but he would stick by me, unless a female dog happened to appear… then he was on his own, I had no part in that kind of behaviour!

I would often spend my days with Benji, in between rollerblading with my friends, making rose perfume and playing knock-a-door-runaway (shhh, don’t tell anyone!)


We were kindred spirits, we enjoyed each others company, and would go off on adventures together.

Something that would follow me into later life, as I can always be found making friends with pooches, much to the bemusement of my friends and family…

You see, I have an affinity with canine-kind and it most definitely shows in my walks, after all, the number one reason for ALL my clients to continue using my services is the relationship I have with their dog.

After working so many years in various canine professions, I kept seeing dog owners suffering from the same problems over and over, and so with my very own unique vision, in 2017, Michelle's Canine Care was born!

I take my role as your dog walker and dog trainer very seriously!


It's the reason I have spent so much time training up and gaining the qualifications and experience necessary to be the best in my area.


The qualifications I have acquired over the years are listed below, as well as some extras that I feel are vital to have when working with dogs...

- BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care (North Trafford College)

- BSc Hons in Animal Behaviour (Anglia Ruskin University)

- City & Guilds in Work-Related Animal Management (Manchester Dogs Home)

- NOCN Certificate in The Practical Aspects of Teaching People and Training Dogs (WaggaWuffins Canine College)

- International Dog Parkour Association - Instructor Certification

- Trick Trainer UK - Instructor Certification

- Uk Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor Certification

Michelle is currently studying for her MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University.

Michelle is also a Canine Rehabilitation Trainer at Control The Meerkat


Practical and Professional Experience includes...

- Health and Safety at Work Certificate

- Human First Aid Certificate

- Canine First Aid Certificate 

- Manchester Dogs Home - 4 Years

- Dog-E-Dayz Daycare - 2 Years

- Licks N Clicks Dog Walking and Training Services - 1 Year

I currently share my life, house, sofa and bed with these four little beasties, that I call "the squad"!

Ryder is my ride or die, my black/brindle beauty. She's always with me wherever I go. She is the perfect companion, loves to go in the van and visit my friends and family, who love her equally as much as she loves them. She is the ultimate advocate for the staffie breed. Ryder loves everyone and everything, she is awesome at reading other dogs' body language and acts accordingly. 

LOVES - Training, Parkour, Scentwork, her tennis ball

HATES - Pedicures and Woodpigeons!


Training Speciality - Parkour, Scentwork, Tricks, Stooge Dog... everything!!

Pi is my little happy go lucky boy, my blue and white Staffie. He is extremely affectionate and is always ready for a party. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it! He loves attention and also loves to be centre of all the action. Pi is a sensitive little soul who just loves to cuddle up, a proper mummy's boy.

LOVES - Learning new tricks, snuggling mummy's neck and sleeping on his back!

HATES -  Loud people and being ignored!

Training Speciality - Tricks, Stooge Dog.

Darwin is Pi and Ryder's son. He is a bright boy, at a year old shows great promise! He has been raised using Early Neurological Stimulation with Pupstarts, Avidog and Puppy Culture, so I am very excited to see how he grows.

LOVES - His family, lamb braid chews and sprats, digging!

HATES - Lemons!

Training Speciality -  Recall and Scentwork!

Fletcher is the newest member to the squad, and very much a surprise adoption!

He is a very intelligent Old Tyme Bulldog pup, who at 5 months old is already full of nonchalant confidence, bordering on arrogance!

He is a typical bulldog... persistent, strong willed, and in no way, shape or form, delicate!

Fletcher is currently learning Deaf Dog Sign Language and attending Puppy Class with his Auntie Katie, whilst I teach! 

LOVES -  The sound of his own voice (despite being deaf!), Darwin, Carrots!

HATES - Being left out, Sheldon, being told No!

Training Speciality - British Sign Language and Parkour!



Cooper, my American Bulldog. Such a loyal and loving soul who was plagued with anxiety his whole life. He taught me a lot about reactive dogs and how to live with them.

LOVED - His mummy, going for a drive, swimming and cuddles on the sofa

HATED - Being alone, strangers and the rain

REST IN PEACE MY GORGEOUS BOY 02.05.2014-04.12.2019

Bailie, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, my soul dog. He was my first dog as an adult, and sparked a deep love and connection with the Staffie breed. He was just perfect.

LOVED - When I smiled at him, family days at home, the beach, McDonalds cheeseburgers and chewing up the tube from the loo roll!

HATED - Cats coming into his garden and Woodpigeons!

REST IN PEACE MY BEAUTIFUL BOY 23.10.2008-12.10.2019