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Midweek Moors Mooches

  • Do you feel guilty that your dog doesn't get enough exercise?

  • Do you wish you had the time to take your dog on new adventures?


  • Have you often wondered if your dog is bored of the same old walks?


Exploring new and different environments is very tiring on the canine brain, so even though we're only hiking for an hour, that hour is filled with lots of sensory stimulation, including Scentwork, visual and physical stimulation.


Scentwork and sniffing their environment (whether it seems aimless or determinedly following a scent) uses lots of brain power, as well as increasing your dogs heart rate, akin to walking fast or running, or even sprinting. The more your dog sniffs on a walk, the more tired they'll be, and this is a crucial factor in our Moors Mooches. 

All our Mooches are off lead, and dogs are allowed to be dogs. The areas we explore are Natural Moorland, so your dog is free to explore using all of their senses. However this is not a free-for-all. Your dog is also taught some valuable life skills along the way. Life skills such as listening and focusing while off lead and around the other dogs in the group, stay-training and waiting patiently, disengaging with things in their environment when they need to, and acting appropriately around other dogs, people and animals.

As a positive reinforcement trainer, who is certified in Dog Parkour, Tricks and Sniffer Dog Training, your dog is in safe and capable hands, and will learn some fabulous new skills that you can put to use on your own walks, or indeed hone the skills they already have (like sniffing treats out of a dry stone wall!)

At the end of our mooches, all dogs have a nice warm shower to get all the dirt off, courtesy of our Mobile Grooming Unit and clean towel supply.

Our Moors Mooches are guaranteed to tire your dog out, and are a healthy and adventurous alternative to doggy day care.

Midweek Mooch £22

  • Available on a weekday basis, Monday to Thursday

  • 1 Hour Moorland Adventure, maximum 6 dogs per handler.



Mega Mooch £45​​​

  • Available on a monthly basis, please speak to Michelle for further details.

  • 2 Hour Coastal Adventure, for those that need just a little extra entertainment in their day.

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