Dog Training has changed in recent years, with more focus on building confidence and having happy pooches, we can ensure that they grow into attentive and stable adult dogs. Creating the perfect relationship requires knowledge, understanding and above all fun!

With this in mind, Michelle's Canine Care has created 2 exciting Training Classes to offer, available In-Person or via Virtual Classroom, by appoinment only.

Puppy Power!

Available as a weekly Pay As You Go class, you can attend as much or as little as you like as classes are now bookable online. 

Covering all aspects of basic training, puppy socialisation, and mental enrichment, classes with MCC will make having a puppy in your life as easy as ABC! 

Puppy Power is run as a consecutive 6 week rolling class, so if you miss a week, don't worry, you can pick up on the next go round. Class is available to puppies up to 6 months old, as long as they have had the all clear from the vet after their vaccinations, they are good to go.


Top Tricks!

Tricks are enjoyable and extremely useful when building a bond with your dog. Dog tricks are not much different from teaching obedience, they're just more fun! Trick training is also very tiring for your pooch, so why not join in and show off to all your friends? 

Classes are on a Pay As You Go basis, now bookable online. You can attend whenever you like, there will always be a few tricks to learn, no matter how often you attend.

Our classes are open to all ages and all abilities, from brand new puppies to seasoned pro's, golden oldies to dogs with disabilities! 

Whistle Workshop!

Letting your dog or puppy off lead for the first time can be a very scary experience, so why not come along to our class to find out just how easy and care free it can be?

Through games and confidence building exercises (for both you and pooch), you can learn the skills necessary to give you that piece of mind that you need to allow your dog that extra freedom on a walk, resulting in a very tired canine indeed.

Whether your dog is a little anxious in the outside world, or whether they are super friendly with everyone, our Whistle Workshop is guaranteed to help you train your fido to enjoy their freedom, without the stress of wondering if they will come back or not!

Our brand new Recall and Whistle Workshop is a monthly class where you can learn all about connecting with your dog, on and off lead. You will learn all about walking your dog in a safe and controlled manner (on and off lead), how to know when to give others some breathing space, and most importantly how to become the most important thing in your dogs life, so that they come back EVERY single time.

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