Dog Training has changed in recent years, with more focus on building confidence and having happy pooches, we can ensure that they grow into attentive and stable adult dogs. Creating the perfect relationship requires knowledge, understanding and above all fun!

With this in mind, Michelle's Canine Care has created a variety of new workshops that are specially designed to pinpoint those problem areas and give you the tools to turn your problem pooch into a perfect pooch.

Puppy Power!

Available as a 2 part workshop (2 fortnightly workshops, lasting 2 hours).

Covering all aspects of basic training, puppy socialisation, and mental enrichment, training with MCC will make having a puppy in your life as easy as ABC! 

Puppy Power has been designed to cover everything involved in raising a healthy, happy and well behaved puppy. You will receive training in EVERY aspect of puppy ownership, from biting and nipping, to walking nicely on and off lead, paying attention and also how to behave around others, both 2 legged and 4 legged.

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Available for puppies aged 12 weeks - 6 months old. Proof of vaccination is essential.


Top Tricks!

Tricks are enjoyable and extremely useful when building a bond with your dog. Dog tricks are not much different from teaching obedience, they're just more fun!

Trick training is also very tiring for your pooch, so why not join in and show off to all your friends? 

Our classes are open to all ages and all abilities, from brand new puppies to seasoned pro's, golden oldies to dogs with disabilities! You will learn all your foundation behaviours, then move onto the really fun stuff!

Bronze Sniffer Dog Workshop!

Scentwork for our dogs is the ultimate brain exercise, guaranteed to tire them out.

Apart from a Red Kong, there is no need for any fancy equipment! 

In our 2 part workshop (2 x 2 weeks @ 2 hours each day), totalling 4 hours. You will learn how to teach your dog a specific scent, as well as how to use the sniffer dog techniques in and around your home, garden and local vicinity, to give your dog a job and focus that seemingly never-ending energy!

Your dog can be any breed, and age, any ability, it does not matter, scentwork is for every dog, all they need is a nose!

This workshop is fantastic for those dogs that struggle in their environment, and may be reactive, and or nervous. Scentwork is fabulous for bringing dogs out of their shell and giving them confidence as they learn, as well building a unique bond between dog and handler (you!)

If you think you have what it takes to train your dog to be a sniffer dog, click the button and get yourself booked in!

Reactive Realness Workshop!

Hands up if you live, or have lived with a reactive dog?

I have! Difficult isn't it? 

Living with a reactive dog, for whatever reason, can be frustrating, upsetting, lonely, and very very hard work. At times it can seem like you are destined to walk alone forever, dodging those friendly dogs, or walking at times we know there will hardly be anyone around...

That's if an episode doesn't set your training back weeks or even months and you have to start all over again.

With this workshop, I will teach you exercises and set goals for management of your dogs' struggles.  I will give you tools that will make life with your dog easier, and help them recover some confidence when out in the world, as well being able to understand what your dog is going through.


Class attendance will be small to give your dog a chance to work through some of their problems, in real time. There will be utilisation of indoor and outdoor space, should your dog need it, as well as barriers and visual blockers. 

If you would like to book on this workshop, you will be required to attend a short meeting beforehand, either online, phone or in person, so that we can discuss your struggles, and how best to move forward.

**I will not diagnose your behavioural problem, for this you would need to seek a clinical or veterinary behaviourist**

(However, I can help with this)

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