1 Hour Group Walk  £15 (Additional dogs £11 each) ​

  • My service is unique in that I offer basic training where needed on walks. So if Fido tends to ignore all your begging to come back when you let him off or picks up anything and everything whilst out, this will be worked on in their everyday walks

  • Mental stimulation and entertainment is a big thing in your dogs life, they need to be tired so that you don't spend all day at work worrying what state your house will be in when you get home! 

  • Walks include Doggy Parkour, Scentwork and searching for treats, tennis ball time, on lead and off lead training, Self Control and Impulse Control, walking nicely on the lead, amongst lots of other activities

  • Within the hour, your dog will have 20 minutes of each activity (x3), totalling their hour, guaranteed to use up all that extra energy whilst they're waiting for you to come home

  • There is an upper limit of 4 dogs per walk. They are very carefully introduced and are encouraged to interact in a positive and polite way... which means no chasing or bullying others in the group.

  • Above all I make sure your dog has fun and adventure on their walks (which is where my crazy dog lady routine comes into play!)


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