2 Hour Adventure £25.00

  • Do you feel guilty that your dog doesn't get enough exercise?

  • Do you wish you had the time to take your dog on new adventures?


  • Have you often wondered if your dog is bored of the same old walks?

  • Are the walks around the block at lunchtime just not enough?

Midweek Mooches are an exclusive 2 hour adventure package that guarantees to be better than any other dog care service out there, whether that's doggy daycare, home visits or even our very own hour walks!

I use TEAMWORK training skills to incorporate appropriate life skills into our adventures.

Your dog will learn patience, self control, how to act appropriately around other dogs and people, as well as structured play sessions, learning new tricks, how to remain close to me when off lead, how to listen to all instructions and want to do them, and above all, have fun and explore the world they live in.

Mental stimulation and training for a dog is very tiring, more tiring than going for a run on the local park with other dogs (with or without you!) or chasing that elusive tennis ball constantly, both of which are going to send your dogs energy levels through the roof in a not so great way.

Why not let Michelle take all the stresses and strains out of owning, exercising and training your dog, so that you can come home from a busy day and enjoy the best bits of that ownership... the cuddles and snuggles... without being jumped up on when all you really want to do is relax?

Application process for this service applies, so don't hesitate to get in touch now and give your dog the adventure they deserve!

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