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Dogs are highly social beings, but just like us they can struggle with their emotions and mental health, often resulting in reactions that we humans deem as problems, such as aggression or frustration, loneliness or destructive behaviour

In a world where they have to adjust to how busy and cramped our lives are, this can lead to a breakdown in communication and leaving owners feeling desperate and often upset because there is no clear way to communicate with their dog.

What we will NOT do...

- Offer a quick fix to your dogs behaviour that will fall apart the second you're out the door.

- Offer a guaranteed timeline... as the old saying goes 'how long's a piece of string'.

- Label your dog as stubborn, ignorant, lazy, or disobedient.

- Expose your dog to over-whelming situations they cannot cope with

- Use physical force, intimidation, discomfort or aversive tools in order to achieve results.

- Blame you or your dog for what is happening to them.

What we can GUARANTEE...

- PROMISE to understand as much about the emotions your dog is feeling in certain situations and what is causing the issues to linger or get worse.

- PROMISE to utilise the information you give us in the most efficient way possible to ease yours and your dogs stress.

- PROMISE to set you both up for success and avoid situations where your dog could fail in their recovery.

- PROMISE to use kind and ethical, reward-based training methods that inspire confidence and resilience in both you and your dog so that you can succeed and progress together.

- PROMISE to help you to understand how to help your dog, now, and in the future.

- PROMISE to help and support you throughout entire duration of your package. 

- PROMISE to prioritise yours and your dogs safety, welfare and wellbeing.

Michelle has a Masters degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour, and is a Provisional member of the APBC, working towards full membership. She works alongside Danielle Beck and the other meerkats at

As well as providing rehabilitation for Meerkat clients, Michelle also provides PAYG behaviour consults and Behaviour First Aid, alongside Danielle and has the support from all the team members to help you achieve what you need with your dog. If this sounds like what you need, click below

If you would like to work solely with Michelle Walker, MSc, the packages which we offer can be found below, just click your chosen colour block:

Some insurance companies will cover behaviour treatment, so it is important to discuss these options with Michelle.


The referral form is provided to you upon booking and must be returned to us 48 hours before your first consultation.

Behaviour Packages


Lilac £350


Amethyst £525


Violet £700


Indigo £1075

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