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Michelle qualified as a certified dog trainer after completing her NOCN in Teaching People and Training Dogs qualification at WaggaWuffins Canine College, under the guidance of Jane Ardern BSc.

Michelle uses emotion centred teaching to make sure that owners are equipped to advocate for their dog as a team mate rather than an alpha or a boss; something that simply isn't necessary, if dogs were going to dominate us as a species, they'd have definitely done it already! it's taken them 22,000 years just to get into our homes, beds and hearts!

Compassion and empathy for how dogs feel and live in our world is definitely something we cover in MCC training classes. Michelle not only teaches you what your dog is experiencing, but why, and most importantly, how to stop any issues for the long term and not just quick fixes.

Since then she has gained many years experience teaching training classes both online and in-person; indoors and outdoors. Lots of feedback would seem to suggest there was a lack of 'real-life' training that you just cannot get in a class environment, with many owners suggesting their training simply "fell apart outside, but was perfect in the house".

With this in mind, Michelle conceived of a split lesson tactic, teaching online theory, mixed with real-life practical sessions. Perfect for busy dog owners, parents or non-drivers that potentially miss out on in-person classes.

Each award has its own merits and is achievable on its own or part of a full course. Click on the icons for more details.

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Training Classes

Purple Paw Puppy Award.jpg

Purple Paw Puppy Award

Purple Paw Beginner Award.jpg

Purple Paw

Beginner Award

Purple Paw Parkour Award.jpg

Purple Paw Parkour Award

Purple Paw Scentwork Award.jpg

Purple Paw

Scentwork Award

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